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TV to iPod Transfer

Anything to complain about your new iPod? Yes, the limited video library! How nice it would be if you could put the enormous number of TV shows into iPod! the TV to iPod Video Transfer is such an ideal solution! the TV to iPod Video Transfer can record TV shows and easily transfer the shows to iPod-compatible format. With the TV to iPod Video Transfer you can expand your iPod video library to as many channels as your TV.

With the TV to iPod Video Transfer you may record TV shows as you watch TV. the TV to iPod Video Transfer encodes and compresses video data from TV tuner card to your iPod in real-time, so it makes it fast to record and transfer TV shows to iPod format. the TV to iPod Video Transfer has more thoughtful design such as the built-in scheduler. You may even use the scheduler to record an upcoming program. To manage all your TV recording and transferring with ease, you may depend on the application's simple on-screen controls.

The TV to iPod Video Transfer enhances your iPod by putting inexhaustible TV shows into your iPod with ease, low cost, high resolution in no time. In this way, the TV iPod Video Transfer combines the PC's connectivity and power with the iPod's mobility and TV's popularity to offer you a digital home entertainment solution.

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Key Features

  • Real-time One-Touch recording
  • Better performance video & audio quality
  • Supports NTSC/PAL simultaneously
  • Support almost all TV tuner cards
  • Automatic channel configuration
  • Enhanced video quality when playback
  • CPU consumption of preview
  • Scheduled recording function
  • Compression ratio and image quality control through software

How it works

1. Select and install a suitable TV Card including PCI Card and USB external card.

2. Connect the Cable or Antenna.

3. Install and configure the TV to iPod Transfer.

4. Start Transferring. enjoy it.