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DVD to iPad Ripper

iSofter DVD to iPad Converter is an easy-to-use DVD to iPad rip software for Apple iPad users , which helps you to rip DVD movie to iPad H.264, MPEG-4, MP4 videos in different resolutions (1280*720, 720*480, 640*480) with high speed. It can also extract and convert DVD audio to iPad MP3, AAC and M4A audios with excellent quality.

Compared with other DVD to iPad ripper, This DVD to iPad ripping program is much easier to customize and offers a higher level of customization as it allows you to convert DVD by custom file size, rip DVD's any segment, supports select target subtitle and audio track, and so on.

DVD Ripper Platinum

is design for backup your favorite DVD movie to your computer by converting DVD to AVI, DivX, XviD, VCD, WMV, MPEG4 format video files, with almost same quality, but just only 10% size. With optimized profiles, you can convert DVD movie to iPod/iPad, Microsoft Zune, Pocket PC, 3GP Mobile Phone or any other MP4 player, such as iRiver, Archos, Creative Zen Vision and more.

DVD to iPad Ripper Key Features

  • With optimized profiles, you can ripping DVD movies to iPad or any other MP4 player or format only one click.
  • With vob scan support, you can open .ifo file or rip your .vob file to any video format.
  • External codec Support - the DVD to iPad rip program can use external codec’s power feature to optimize the output video quality.
  • Subtitle and audio language change through DVD menu.
  • Easy video crop and aspect ratio adjustment.
  • Fully optimized for dual core, Hyper-thread processor.
  • Optimized for SSE2/SSE/MMX/3DNow! and graphics card acceleration.
  • Easy video splitting, customizing video quality and size before conversion.
  • Dolby, DTS Surround audio support.
  • High quality video in H.264 and MPEG-4 format.
  • Support iPad to TV.
  • Up to 4x faster.

How to rip DVD movie to iPad with the DVD to iPad ripper software

Step 1. Download, install and run the best DVD to iPad ripper and load DVD.

Step 2. After you successfully load the DVD, the DVD info is displayed in the center window. Sometimes some chapters/episodes hide in another index, you can change an index in "Index" dropdown box to load these chapters/episodes. You can select the audio track for the target files in the "Audio" combo-box in the Input area. Also, you can select the "Subtitle" as well.

Step 3. Select the target audio format in the "Format" combo-box in the Output area.

Step 4. In general, DVDs are ripped by chapters. If you prefer to split DVD by certain file size, please select "Custom Size" in the "Split" box. You may enter the specifying number by clicking "Settings" button. The default is "5 MB". If you want to rip by certain duration, please select "Custom time", you may enter the specifying number by clicking "Settings" button. the default is 6 minutes. You may specify the output path (default is C:\iSofterOutput\), that is where your converted files in. Click "Browse" to reset it as you wish. Click "Folder" can open output fold directly.

Step 5. With all settings being properly done, click "Start" button, choose "Encode" to start ripping.

  • If you want to encode from a specific starting point, firstly, you must change "Split" to "Custom size" or "Custom Time", then choose "Encode From Current Position" in the "START" menu.
  • If you want to encode a segment, please choose "Encode Segment" in the "START" menu, then enter the beginning time and the duration of the clip. For example, you want a clip from 1:17:43 to 1:55:17, you should enter From 1:17:43 to 1:55:17, after that, click the "OK" button.

Step 6. After the file is successfully ripped, you may click the "Folder" button to browse the output files. Rip DVD to iPad is done.