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How to put DVD movies videos on iPod

Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter is the easiest-to-use and fastest put DVD on iPod, put videos on iPod, put movies on iPod software. It can convert almost all kinds of DVD to iPod Movie / iPod Video format. It is also a powerful DVD to iPod converter due to the conversion speed is far faster than real-time. And the output iPod movie/video supports iPod screen, you can enjoy your favorite DVD on your iPod as a portable DVD Player.

Step by Step guide for put DVD movies on your iPod

Step1. Launch DVD to iPod Converter, you will see the right UI.

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Step 2. 1>. Load your DVD by clicking 'Open DVD' button or choosing 'Open DVD' from 'File' drop down menu. you also can click "File" to open the VOB file or IFO file directly.

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2>. Choosing the title you want to convert,you can right clicking to "uncheck all". as usual, the longest title is the main file of the movie.

3>. Set your preference to 'Output Folder', Enter the full pathname or choose the path where you want to save your video files by clicking "Browse".

Tips: You can also select 'Open VOB or Mpeg' or 'Open IFO' from "File" to rip charpters or segments you like.

4>. Need not set "Input settings" and "Output Settings", just click "Convert" button to start ripping DVD to iPod MP4 files.

Trouble Shooting

1>. If during the converting period, an error message came up that said you did not have some DivX Pro codec supported software installed and refused to go any further, please download the free DivX codec and install. After installing, run the DVD to iPod converter, click 'Settings -> Output settings', choose 'DivX 6.0 codec' from 'Codec', and click 'Ok', then start converting.

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2>. Find the .mp4 file that DVD to iPod converter created and drag it into your iTunes library, or select 'Add File to Library' from the 'File' menu and select the encoded movies. Now you can watch it with iTunes or Quicktime Player on your PC.
Tips: Download iTunes 6+quicktime Player packages

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3>. Load the MP4 files to iPod by clicking 'File -> Update iPod'. Now, you can enjoy the movies on your fifth generation video iPod anywhere and anytime.

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