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M4V Converter for Mac

Easy Video Recorder for Mac is a video capturing tool for recording your screen activities into QuickTime video format in real time on your Mac. It also support play your protected .m4v video file by iTunes, then record the playing area to .m4v file which will be not protected, you can enjoy to your favorite movies on your mobile player now!

The very easy to use Mac video recorder software for video recording purpose including video, audio and cursor options. It supports recording video, audio, and mouse cursor synchronously or separately.

You can use the video recorder for Mac software to record Screen, Camera, DV, DVD, RM, VCD, or other video media into .mov file. Or export captured video to many other formats including iDVD, QuickTime, DV, MPEG-4, and more. You can also use this software to convert M4V to MP4, convert M4V to MOV with quality.

You can use it to make slide-show training documents with sound and text. You may change the options for recording, add text to video, record video with audio, choose to record mouse cursor or not, blink the area border when recording, and so on.

m4v converter macM4V Converter for Windows

Aimersoft M4V Converter - A professional DRM M4V converter which can convert M4V to AVI, M4V to MP4, M4V to FLV, M4V to MOV, M4V to WMV, and so on. for iPhone, iPod, PSP, PS3, Apple TV, etc. With adoption of virtual sound card technology, the convert M4V files software provides you 1:1 quality M4V converting, so you can easily enjoy iTunes protected movie and music without DRM restriction.

Frequentlsy Asked Questions

How to start or stop recording with key strokes?

Please see the below screenshot. Click the triangle icon at the left side of "Advanced:", the window will be expanded and you will see button "Stop/Start Keys..." and "Action Keys...", here you may see the default keys or configure your own keys.

mac m4v converter

How to select a fixed region before recording?

On the main window, click button "Set Region...", then click you mouse on computer screen with drag and drop to select a rectangle area, and press the space key.

Can I use it to record video from a Camera?

Yes, you can. And you may set the recording settings on main window, options dialog, and settings dialog.

Can I use this software to convert DRM protected video to non-protected file?

You may play your protected video by iTunes, then record the playing area to video file which will be not protected. So you can ues this software as a DRM Mac M4V converter to convert M4V to MP4 easily.

Can I use this software to convert DRM protected music to non-protected file?

You may play your protected music by iTunes, then record the sound to a video file which will be not protected. Then you should use another software, for example a Mac audio converter, to extract the audio part from the video file.

How to transfer the recorded video to iPod or iPhone?

You should use Apple iTunes to do that. Import the recorded video to Apple iTunes playlist, then sync it with your iPhone or iPod.

What Mac OS version will it support?

The M4V converter for Mac software will support Mac OS X 10.5 and higher.