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RAX Converter

What's RAX?
RAX Extension: The latest version of the RealAudio format, used for both streaming and downloading. At low bit rates, RealAudio 10 uses the same high-compression codecs as previous versions of RealAudio, but above 128 kbps switches to AAC, allowing for better fidelity and compatibility with AAC-enabled players. The file extension for RealAudio 10 is .rax.

How to convert RAX to MP3, WAV, WMA? To solve this problem, you need a professional RAX file converter to convert RAX files. With our recommended software, you can converting RAX to MP3 by yourself fast and easily! This guide briefs the key steps to convert RAX music files to MP3 with SoundTaxi recommended by us.

How to convert RAX to MP3, WAV using SoundTaxi

SoundTaxi is perfect DRM protected converter software provides you MP3, WAV, AAC, iPod MPEG4, DivX output formats, first of all, your need to select what kind of output format you need, please set the output format at first by clicking the button "Setting", also, you can have the other setting at the same time. such as "Compression Quality".

Drag-and-drop the audio files you want to convert to MP3 onto the SoundTaxi; or click on "Select Files" to add your music.

Now, begain to convert, please click the button "Convert" starting the conversion.

Whare is the converted music?
Example: You selected the audio file "c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\Only love.rax" SoundTaxi will store the RAX file in "c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\converted\Only love.mp3

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